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Lit Eyewear is a new company that wants to reduce the amount of plastics in the world but also wants to promote good eye health for everyone. The owner Ryan Pound has blue eyes and he has always been active outdoors. Growing up in Southern California he has always been active in the ocean, snow and desert. He loves snowboarding, surfing, fishing, boating, wakeboarding, skateboarding and others. Surfboarding to this day has been a very difficult to protect the sportsman's eyes. So Ryan at an early age sunburned his blues which is called Photokeratitis. Ryan then over time developed Pinguecula which is a harmless yellowish raised growth on the white part of your eye. The doctors described it like a natural callus or a layer of scare tissue. It was formed to protection. Besides the bump, other common symptoms include eye redness, irritation and dry eye. Medications can relieve discomfort if needed. Surgery usually isn’t needed unless you don’t like the way your eye looks. So, after a doctors visit, Ryan learned the importance of wearing good quality sunglasses whenever outdoors and no matter the length of exposure time. Ryan loves nature, traveling, camping, his family annual trips to Hawaii and living a organic/natural lifestyle. Microplastics have recently been found in human blood, in the ocean and in the clouds. Wood from the bamboo forests is sustainable because it grows rapidly and is natural to wear and feel to the skin. All wood is hypoallergenic, nickel-free the main irritants for people with metal allergies. Bacteria cannot survive on the surface of natural wood. Wood is naturally antibacterial and has antimicrobial properties. So, finding natural wood sunglasses with the best quality lens available was a great fit for Ryan. Lit Eyewear sunglasses are all fitted with UV400 protection and polarization lens. UV400 means it has the technology to block wavelengths up to 400 nanometers, which means that almost 100% of the sun's UV rays (both UVA and UVB) will be blocked from damaging your eyes. Also, having the technology of being Polarized will reduce glare for the maximum results. Ryan wanted to share this natural and healthy fashion with the world. So he recently created and trademarked Lit Eyewear to help him with his journey to educate others about Pinquecula and Photokeratitis, while at the same time educate about microplastics and what we can do to help reduce the amount of plastic that is in our lives and in the enviroment around us. 


Ryan Pound


Lit eyewear – Wood Sunglasses

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