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Lit Eyewear has figured out how to design and manufacture sunglasses that will fit all size heads. This is important because it's we all need sunglasses that fit properly so that our eyes will be properly protected from the UV rays. All our eyewear comes with flex frames. The frames flex due to the spring hinge technology in the wood frames. Our lens has been designed to have the technology to eliminate glare from the sun reflecting on the water or snow. The lens are designed by polarization principle. Our lenses will reduce glare effectively, eliminate the dazzling reflected light and scattered light, make messy light into parallel ling and let eye version soft and not dazzling. Wearers will feel comfortable and have more clear vision. Its suitable for driving, fishing, hiking, snowboarding, snow skiing, surfboarding, boating, bicycling, skateboarding, hunting, camping, rafting, kayaking, paddleboarding, swimming and all other outdoor recreation. Especially for drivers, this can improve the vision and have a lot of fun. Lit Eyewear really good for watersports because our technology allows our sunglasses to float in case you drop your personal pair of Lit Eyewear in any body of the water.  

Thanks Ryan Pound

Lit eyewear – Wood Sunglasses

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