Sunglasses to help protect Pinguecula in the eyes.

Sunglasses to help protect Pinguecula in the eyes.
Pinguecula is a non-cancerous growth on the white of the eyes. After the eyes are sunburned from the sun. The growth appears sometimes clear or yellowish in color. The growth is similiar to a callus on your hands. Its formed to protect the eye from further damage. If my Pinguecula is irritated from something foreign or irritated from scratching, I find that the Pinguecula will get inflammed. While inflammed, I will notice that as I blink, I can feel the Pinguecula rubbing my eyelid. So, it is best left alone. To avoid a Pinguecula from growing, it is best to wear Lit Eyewear sunglasses during outdoors at all times. Especially if you have blue eyes. Blue eyes are more sensitive and therefore are more prone to be damaged from the sun. To remove Pinguecula from your eyes, surgery is needed. This is for extreme cases as well. It's better to invest in some Lit Eyewear sunglasses and learn good habits of keeping a pair nearby at all times so you when our eyes are exposed to the sun, you will be able to reduce any further damage. This too will lower the inflammation and therefore shrink the size to a minimum. Its always good to teach your family and children at a young age to wear Lit Eyewear sunglasses while outdoors and exposed to the sun.  We at Lit Eyewear offer sunglasses for the best protection from the sunlight, sun exposure and UV light. We founded our company with the goal to help more people protect their light colored eyes. All our sunglass lens come with polarized and 400 UV Protection. We at Lit Eyewear strive to offer something different from mainstream brands. We only offer real wood frames from sustainable resources. All our sunglasses float in the water to help you not lose them while being active outdoors. You can learn more about Lit Eyewear at Lit eyewear – Wood Sunglasses

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